Some images of a commission painting I just completed.

I love the outrageousness of the sky background in this piece! Wild, uplifting, dynamic and calm at the same time.

As I was working on this painting the space behind it was elusive. It would peak out sometimes, but there were some phases during the work that I was thinking “Is this going to happen? Is the space actually going to land?” Then as soon as I finished the final touches – a series of clicks- all the different elements fall into place.

I find the effect on consciousness of this painting compelling. For me it draws me into the center, while at the same time, expanding my awareness into a peripheral field. Both uplifting and internalizing.

What effect does it have for you?

Extravaganza Sky

24 x 12 inches

Water soluble wax paint on wood panel with 24k gold

Private collection

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