Yohanna Jessup is a fine artist and meditator.

Trained with a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore where she specialized in painting, printmaking and portraiture. After graduating Yohanna moved to NYC to pursue her creative endeavors creating wearable art. Yohanna moved onto the human canvas and became a tattoo artist for 12 years. Upon retiring from tattooing, Yohanna came full circle bringing the richness of experience she learned working intimately with people to create tattoos, a love of craftsmanship, and exploration of the creative process back into her love of painting.

In 2004 Yohanna began her training with the Clairvision School of Meditation.  She became a IST practitioner, and from time to time instructs meditation courses in the US and abroad.

She currently lives in a meditation retreat center in the remote north eastern corner of California.  It is a land of volcanos,  vastness, and brilliant night skies.  An environment excellent for the practice of meditation and the creativity born of deep states of stillness.