I started my trip in northern California around Mt Shasta. This is about a 2.5 hour drive from where Iive and I consider this area a part of my extended back yard.I spent time in some of my favorite spots, and shot some test 360 video and sound. I also tested out my car sleeping setup.

At about 8000 ft altitude, the Novembernights were cold! Well below freezing.
The first night I was pretty miserable and woke up about 4 am just trying to stay warm. The second night I used my emergency blanket – with a reflective barrier on one side.
This reflected my body heat back to me, and made this night bearable. When I woke up on the second morning and looked at my phone it was 12 degrees!

Speaking of my phone…it was behaving badly. Suddenly shutting it’s self off, not holding signal, not holding charge. Concerned that it was coming to the end of it’s life span, and being such a large factor in my upcoming travels, I decided to drive to the bay to replace it and prep my kit for colder weather camping.

After spending a few days in the bay and blessedly warm temperatures, I headed back to Shasta to work with a client for a couple of days. I also took a slight detour to Ashland Oregon for two nights and stayed with some friends and their lively children.
I was recommended to check out Get in Gear a resale shop for camping gear. I got some great boots, and a light down blanket.
I also got some insulating material for my car windows at Home Depot. Time to get back on the road for the second part of my trip. I set my sights on Salt Lake City and drove out through Kalamath falls on the 12 hour drive from Oregon to Utah.