Limpidity, now showing at the Stockton Airport

I have been wanting to show at an airport for years!  There’s something about the space of airports.  The flight.  People leaving for destinations, and returning to loved ones. Paths of destiny crossing.  There is something about travel which I find brings a space of reflection, and introspection.

With the Limpidity series, I have been looking for a good space in which to show them. Since they are larger pieces, they need a large space!  Also I want people who see them to feel uplifted.  Like flying!  So I was thrilled when recently I was contacted by the Stockton Art League and invited to show  the series of large scale drawings at the Stockton Metropolian Airport in Stocton CA.

After a few weeks of coordinating logistics and help from some friends, the show is installed!

A big thanks to :The Stockton Art League, The Stockton Municiple Airport, Amy Baskerville, Rudy Amadeus, Jeff and his truck!

If you’d like to see the work it will be up from Oct 25th 2019 – Feb 1 2020.  If you check it out, let me know!

Click on the gallery of thumbnails below to see the show!