Photograph of the painting, Parallel


48 x 33 inches
water soluble wax paint on wood panel with 24k gold leaf
available for purchase

As I’ve been using more and more geometric forms in my artwork of late, I decided to study geometry to see if it could deepen my art practice.

I’ve started with Euclidian geometry, or flat geometry and I was struck by the archetypal beauty of the concept of a line – Def. 1.2. A line is a breadthless length.

Meaning that the archetypal form of a line has no width and goes on for infinity.

When we see a reflection of this archetype it is often a line segment.

And that when lines are proven parallel it means that they go on infinitely and do not meet.

This painting is inspired by Eculid’s proof of parallel lines and the spaces of consciousness that opened as I was learning.