At the end of March after being in a couple weeks of meditation courses, I was struck with inspiration for a new series of paintings.  Since at that time I had a show coming up at the end of April, I thought, “Perfect!  I’ll make this series for the upcoming show!”

I did sketches, and  I started preparing six wood panels for the paintings.

A few days into it, and i received and email from the venue, asking if I would be able to bump up my show by 2 weeks.  After thinking about it and looking at the calendar, I realized that the earlier timing was actually better for me, and I said yes.

At the same time, this means I have now entered a panting marathon in which I must complete the paintings by April 18th!

Six paintings in two weeks!


That also includes the completion and delivery of a commission.  So, technically that’s 7 paintings.  In two weeks.


The race is on!

And you, dear friends have a front row seat!

Check out the art that’s happening on my blog,  or social media.

Send me words of encouragement.

Remind me to breathe ; )

It’s gonna be beautiful!


instagram: yohannajessup