7 ft x 52 in

Chalk on cotton rag paper

Available for sale

On display at : Goodwin Gallery 1902 Pacific Avenue, Stockton CA

This drawing is part of a series that I started in 2016.

In this image,  I wanted to capture the experience of rising above limitations into new heights.  Looking forward into the future.  The horses represent a gathering of forces and vehicles of consciousness which can carry one in the path of spiritual endeavor from the normal human level of consciousness to higher planes of existence, the birthright of all human beings. It was made just after the death of a dear friend and mentor.

I wanted to work large, and stretch out!  Doing large paintings is both expensive, and cumbersome.  And being that I live a partially nomadic life, having to store large wood panels or canvases is also expensive and challenging.  Solution – paper!

I chose chalk because I wanted to work quickly and primarily in color.  I love the velvety quality that the chalk creates.  In future pieces I may move towards mixed media in order to get more control for a higher level of detail.

Recently I’ve started to create mural proposals with this piece in mind as I feel that the image will scale well, and bring a sense of interest and inspiration to a public space.

What do you think of this piece?  Where would you want to see it as a mural?