Limpidity is a series of large scale works inspiring hope for humanity to rise together and awaken to a bright future.

The images are largely of women’s heads, hair, wings,and horses, in various combinations.
The heads are in profile or 3/4 view looking forward into the future, except for Cosmos whose eyes are closed looking inwards, drawing knowledge and strength from within.

Women’s heads, archetypally beautiful, are about the feminine spirit and the role it plays as humanity finds its way into the 21st century.

The wings and feathers symbolize lightness and flight. Freedom. The wild hair is representative of pathways between different levels of consciousness.

The horse, which historically has been a vehicle that has helped humanity move quickly between physical places, represents a vehicle of consciousness that help us all ascend towards new heights. The horse conveys a certain heart and nobility of spirit.

May these pieces evoke the spaces of consciousness that inspired them: incredible lightness of being, clarity,focus, and freedom; attainable for all. May they remind us of the unity that exists behind apparent disparities.

All works of art are on heavy cotton rag paper. Originally started with colored chalk and evolved to include acrylic paint.

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