Golden Rose

24 x 24 inches

Hand applied gold leaf

$ 480.00

This is a limited edition run of 25 prints.

The white rose carries profound spiritual symbolism across various cultures and traditions. Often associated with purity, innocence, and spirituality, the white rose transcends mere physical beauty to represent higher states of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Its petals, unfurling in delicate layers, symbolize the unfolding of the soul’s journey towards enlightenment. Within the white rose’s symbolism lies the concept of divine love and unity, as its color embodies the purity of spirit and the interconnectedness of all beings. Just as the rose blooms amidst thorns, it serves as a reminder that spiritual growth often arises from challenges and hardships, guiding individuals towards greater understanding, compassion, and inner peace.

About the print

This giclée print was created to high standards of reproduction with materials tested by Wilhelm-Research to resist fading and discoloration in excess of sixty years.  It was printed on the Epson Surecolor P9000 printer utilizing the ten color Ultrachrome HDX inkset with results in wide color gamut, excellent color saturation and unrivaled sharpness.

The conservation grade paper has a  weight of 290  gsm and a caliper of 19 mils.   Composed of 100% cotton fiber, the paper is acid and lignin free and milled in Italy.

The genuine 24k gold leaf is applied with an acid free water based size.

As with all fine art, for maximum longevity, this print shall not be displayed in direct sunlight nor subject to extremes of temperature and humidity.


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