Recently, while re-organizing photos of my artwork, I came across this image.

It’s a painting I created for the child of an IST (Inner Space Techniques) client. We had been doing sessions throughout the pregnancy allowing us to connect with the presence her unborn child, so as to better welcome the soul into it’s new life.

The impulse to do the painting landed in one of our sessions. It was a moment of pure inspiration, filled with the presence of the unborn child.  Through a high breath of Spirit, a knowing of the child as it bridged between spiritual realms and incarnation.  It was at this moment, that I committed to being present at the child’s birth, so as to help facilitate this transition between above and below and hold a space for both the child and his parents during the birthing process.

“Remember What You Are” is the title of the painting. The painting initially adorned the space above the child’s crib, acting as a constant reminder of the child’s spiritual origins,  and was recently moved to a new location within the room to reflect the child’s evolving personal space. This piece was crafted using white gold leaf instead of the typical 24k gold, a decision that stemmed from an intuitive feeling that it better reflected the qualities of the child’s  presence.

As an artist, my spirit is inextricably linked to my creative process.  As a trained meditator, I’m able to craft artwork that not only decorates spaces but also inspires and evokes deep introspection and opportunitues for personal development. This painting was inspired with a particular metaphysical dimension. It serves not only as a decoration but as a meaningful beacon of the spiritual connection fostered before birth.