Aigiri Nandini | Mahishasura Mardini | Mahalaya

A beautiful modern depiction of myths from the Indian tradition surrounding the great mother goddess Devi and her aspects as Durga, and Kali.

I love the visuals!

I have so much appreciation for the Indian tradition!  Any culture which has comic books about meditators and saints is pretty cool in my book. Click here lean more about the amar chitra.

From the youtube channel description:

‘Aigiri Nandini Nanditha Medhini’ is a very popular Durga Devi Stotram. Mahishasur Mardini is an incarnation of Goddess Durga which was created to kill the demon Mahishasur. ‘Aigiri Nandini’ is addressed to Goddess Mahishasur Mardini. Mahishasur Mardini is the fierce form of Goddess Durga where she is depicted with 10 arms, riding on a lion and carrying weapons. and also kill demons in maa kali avatar. aigiri nandini stotra also a part of mahalaya.’